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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2017 BLOG


Gallery 139

Connection  2017 acrylic on board      100 x 80cm by Dino Consalvo  in situ

Connection 2017 acrylic on board 100 x 80cm by Dino Consalvo in situ

The purpose of collecting art is different for every collector. For me, it's about making a connection with the artwork, there's something about looking at a piece of art that triggers something deep inside the brain and tells us this image is important. It moves us in some way and if the practicalities of owning art are right, then we buy and start forming an art collection. 

I started collecting from art school, at first not realising that I had planted a seed which has grown over the years. I've always bought because I like the work and haven't had the means to buy for investment. And now that I know what's it's like to own/run a gallery I prefer to buy from galleries. By doing this I support not only the artist but the sustainability of the gallery who supports the artists. 

As a gallery owner, I love when buyers send photos of the works they have purchased from Gallery 139 such as this image above from Nicola who bought this work during Dino Consalvo's one week exhibition. She said, she first saw it on our website and social media and it appealed to her and then she came into the gallery to see it in person. The work connected with her and it was right for her to purchase. We are so please to see it looking at home in it's new home. 

If you have also purchased work/s from our gallery and would like to share a photo of where it lives now, please email us at or if you are interested in starting an art collection please also contact the gallery. 

~ Ahn Wells
November 2017