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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

Exhibition Terms & Conditions


For Artists exhibiting or interested in at Gallery 139

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION before accepting an invite to exhibit in Gallery 139

Thursday - Saturday 11am - 4pm | Sunday 11am - 2pm

This is a one-off payment by the Artist to the Gallery in order to exhibit in Gallery 139.

The gallery reserves the right to refuse to hang any artworks deemed unsuitable for exhibition for any reason in order to maintain the integrity that the gallery has built over the past 3 years. 

This fee contributes to the exhibition costs including:

  • gallery design of your digital exhibition invite
  • printed invites for solo exhibitions only (number required negotiable)
  • preparation and distribution of mailchimp invite via the Gallery
    emailing list of 270 (as of May 2018)
  • professional design and print of advertisement in Newcastle Weekly magazine
  • print and online listing of your exhibition in the nationally distributed art magazine - Art Almanac 
  • exhibition listing in Newcastle Herald Weekender print and online
  • preparation of Media Release to Newcastle Herald art critic
  • Gallery 139 website exhibition page that archives
  • digital links of any media coverage added to Gallery 139 website where possible
  • the gallery actively seeks and successfully gains newspaper and magazine  articles for exhibitions
  • curation and install of your exhibition (unless otherwise arranged)
  • preparation and photocopy of catalogue
  • gallery sitting of exhibition except during
    MEET THE ARTIST sessions (see below)
  • Gallery 139 commercial rent on Beaumont St, Hamilton

The participation fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable and the amount is stated in the Exhibition Information supplied upon invitation to exhibit in the gallery. Participation fee can range from $200 - $500 depending on the number of artists involved in the exhibition. 


Facebook and more so, Instagram has become an increasingly powerful tool to promote upcoming exhibitions and to widen both the gallery and artist profile.

  • Gallery 139 Instagram currently has 2331 organic followers (April 2018).
  • we actively promote our exhibiting artists and exhibitions before and during the exhibition dates.
  • we encourage cross-promotion between gallery and artist.
  • if you have an Artist Instagram we will tag you in our posts and repost relevant images from your account onto our gallery Instagram.  
  • use #gallery139 #nameoftheexhibition 

E.g if you were in the exhibition Body BITS, you would add #gallery139 #bodybits to the end of your post and tag the gallery @gallery_139


  • the exhibition opening is the first Saturday of the exhibition from 2-4pm (unless arranged otherwise)
  • each participating artist is required to contribute to the opening refreshments either cheese/dip/biscuits or bottle of wine
  • the gallery supplies a responsible amount of Murray's Brewing Company Co. beer via sponsorship from the company
  • the gallery provides opening platters/wine glasses/water jugs/table/white table cloth 
  • the gallery provides 2 volunteers to help at the opening   
  • photos are taken at the opening for social media/promotion of your exhibition 
  • all sales are taken by the Director at the opening, unless otherwise arranged


  • each artist is required to do at least 1 x MEET THE ARTIST gallery sit
  • each session varies between 2hrs - 5hrs depending on the number of artists involved in the exhibition
  • the gallery will promote your MEET THE ARTIST session on the gallery website/facebook/instagram to maximise visitors
  • these sessions are invaluable for increasing your profile as an artist and to increase sales during your exhibition  


  • the gallery takes a 30% commission from the price listed on the catalogue 


  • artists are responsible for transporting their artwork to and from the gallery for exhibition
  • artwork is due in the gallery on the Monday of the exhibition week


  • the gallery has public liability and normal business insurance which covers minor artwork damages
  • it is the artist's responsibility to arrange any artwork insurance  


  • artists are required to supply the gallery with clear images of their work BEFORE exhibition for use on the gallery website and Facebook/ Instagram for advertising
  • the gallery will take and publish photographs of your work in the exhibition for promotional purposes on Facebook/ Instagram and for archive on the gallery website
  • the gallery reserves the right to use these photographs free of charge to promote the exhibition and gallery before, during and after the exhibition
  • Copyright will always remains with the Artist


  • artists can collect unsold works from 2pm on the last day of the exhibition or on the following Monday when the next exhibition is being installed
  • if artwork is not collected from the gallery within 6 weeks, it will become the property of the gallery to dispose of at the gallery's discretion


  • artists who sell their artwork during the exhibition will receive a Tax Invoice/Receipt from Gallery 139 stating the exhibition, exhibition dates, title of artwork, sales price, commission and the buyer's name (for documentary purposes only). 
  • artists need to provide Gallery 139 with either a current ABN or a signed Statement by a Supplier form and their bank details. For explanation please visit the ATO website.
  • artists can expect to receive their payment via Direct Debit within 4 weeks of the final payment from the buyer. 

All sales transactions must be processed through the Gallery