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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

Inside Outside

Past 2015 Exhibitions & Events

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Inside Outside

installation view

WED 26 AUG - SAT 12 SEPT 2015

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 29 Aug, 2pm

A gallery-curated exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures from artists who explore the theme of INSIDE OUTSIDE. 

Artists include: Priya Joy, Gina Ermer, Belinda Street, Dan Nelson, Jeremy Robinson.

AT Gallery 139, also until September 12, an eclectic mix of works invokes indoors and outside. Belinda Street's richly textured paintings are centred on autumn in the Central Highlands. Priya Joy's still lifes and Gina Ermer's cups and saucers weave domestic drama. Jeremy Robinson's precarious fairytale houses provide a sculptural component. - By JILL STOWELL | Sept. 4, 2015, 9:30 p.m. |

Poem spoken at the opening by Maggie Hall

Inside / from / the Outside
Moving text / visual story / life / kept still
Enticing flavour / while the eyes of changing viewers give light a position / a place that may / or may not / have been / when first imagined
We stand still / moving around / this rouletted dance
Setting / grouping / directing . . . Colour that teases erect pink buds beneath slightly opened wetted mouths / hungry for the dish that looks into a crowded room - the want and desire to own the said artists strokes - painted by hand - released only to be hung again in another place
Central West to Mirrors Edge / Poppies, Books & Jugs . . .
Apples packed into a Lunch Box Red . . .
In a Garden studied Interior / Kate, Jackson, Henry & Pablo / while Jacqueline studies the Orange . . .
Nightfall / A Tomato moon swamps the Anti Siren / Reassured . . .
North facing Milk Jugs needing a Tyred Swing . . .
In the Dining Room / warm breath / Moving Life / while the Emus Lightness of Step dances across the Back Lane . . .
A Blue Bowl / woven of fabric / Inside / Outside / the Autumn Bird searches for a Father / a Daughter / lost between the Vineyard and Brisbane's Oiled Canvas -
A Meditation to a Feast . .

Written by Maggie Hall in response to the exhibition

images: Emu Swamp Road Study, 2015, Oil on canvas board, 20x20cm (left)
Orange Study, 2015, Oil on canvas board, 20x20cm (right)