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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2018 Exhibitions

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What Remains

install view left wall 

install view left wall 

What Remains

THURS 12 APR - SUN 29 APR 2018

Official opening: Saturday 14 April, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Exhibiting artists: Jo Shand, Niomi Sands, Clare Hodgins, Gina McDonald, Peter Read, Shelagh Lummis, Dino Consalvo. 

For the first time the gallery asks a group of artists to respond to the concept of 'what remains'. 

FREE ARTIST TALK with Shelagh Lummis Saturday 21 April from 11.30am

Shelagh Lummis - Thursday 12 April 11am - 1.30pm
Gina McDonald - Thursday 12 April 1.30-4pm
Peter Read - Thursday 19 April 11am - 1.30pm
Clare Hodgins - Sunday 22 April 11am - 2pm
Dino Consalvo - Saturday 28 April 2-4pm
Jo Shand - Sunday 29 April 12 - 2pm

Shelagh Lummis Stillness 2018 series oil on board 

My series of paintings for ‘What Remains’ is inspired by a recent visit to the Kimberley region of Western Australia.  Overpowering perceptions were of monumentality and timelessness.  Hot sun intensified a bright landscape of reds, ochres and purples.  The wet season’s flooding waters had withdrawn so that still pools and thin waterfalls were all that remained of the roaring torrents of previous months.  As we slipped into the surprisingly icy water, I was struck by the stillness of the landscape which persevered despite splashing tourists and their yelling children.

Niomi Sands_.JPG

Niomi Sands Left by accident, 2017  thread and plastic bags variable size
A somewhat sad event - a trolley left behind by accident, is the inspiration for the work Left by accident, 2017. The work pays homage to a trolley and its owner. The granny trolley left behind at the Glasshouse by accident by an elderly patron, it was full of shopping, most of which was perishable. The trolley sat in the back office for a number of weeks, awaiting its owner. Every attempt was made to locate its owner, even down to reporting it to the local police station. The work documents the process of trying to locate the owner and the gradual disposal of the perishable items. The events that unfolded around the trolley are recorded through a number of image and text based embroideries on to a series of plastic bags. 



Niomi Sands A few things, 2017, is a series of cross stitched designs embroidered into watercolour paper. 

install view 

install view 

Clare Hodgins
This collection of suspended dead and decaying specimens has been sourced from the ocean. The human element is absent in the photographs, however, the audience can project human qualities and emotions onto what they see. Viewers are invited to imagine and create connections between the various objects.

Gina McDonald The Blind Woman’s Garden I - VI 2018 etching

Earlier Event: April 6
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