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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2018 Exhibitions

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Gallery 139 presents
Sheffer Gallery 

WED 1 AUG - SAT 11 AUG 2018

Official opening: Wednesday 1 August, 6-8pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Wandering and meandering around the everyday. This exhibition is about contemplation and remembering to appreciate the world around us.

Exhibiting artists: Nadia Aurisch, Jane Collins, Michelle Connolly, Libby Cusick, Julia Flanagan, Ben Gallagher, Linda Greedy, Maddyson Hatton, John Heaney, Helene Leane, Shelagh Lummis, Paul Maher, Lydia Miller, James Murphy, Olivia Parsonage, Susan Ryman, Malcolm Sands, Michelle Teear, Kara Wood.

#gallery139presents #wanderings #sheffergallery

Sheffer Gallery
38 Lander Street
Darlington SYDNEY 2008
GALLERY HOURS: Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

PLEASE FORWARD ALL SALES ENQUIRIES for this exhibition to Gallery 139 or 0434 886 450

Susan Ryman Hanging in balance (panel 1-3) 2009 coloured pencil on Fabriano paper, hand varnished 50 x 70.5cm each $600.00each $1500.00 triptych

 James Murphy Aloft 1, 2, 3 digital archival inkjet print on cotton rag 61 x 91.5cm $490.00each 

Michelle Teear Hooker Valley 2017 oil on plywood, egg emulsion 28 x 35.5cm (SOLD)
Michelle Kosciouzko Rise 2017 oil on plywood, egg emulsion 28 x 35.5cm (SOLD)
Michelle Teear Tasman Glacier 2017 oil on plywood, egg emulsion 28 x 35.5cm $220.00

Malcolm Sands Wollemi Landform Kandos 2018 oil on canvas 64 x 79.5cm $950.00

Jane Collins drypoint etching and collage $650.00

Paul Maher  Memorial Drive picnic - Talk it up like yeah and sun hat  2018 stoneware $330.00

Paul Maher Memorial Drive picnic - Talk it up like yeah and sun hat 2018 stoneware $330.00

Libby Cusick
Aftermath 2017
acrylic on canvas
60 x 55cm

Shelagh Lummis
Cold Comfort 4 2017
oil on 15 canvas boards
105 x 80cm framed

John Heaney White bowl 2017 stoneware $350.00

John Heaney Black bowl 2017 stoneware $350.00

Michelle Connelly
various small sculptures
mixed media
$295.00 each

Ben Gallagher
Stained (Church Work) 2018
coloured pencil, graphite, charcoal and lime on steel and hardwood
16.5 x 14 x 4.5cm

Linda Greedy Gap Creek Falls amphitheatre, Watagans 2018 oil and shellac on timber 65 x 70cm $800.00

Kara Wood Leonard 2018
earthenware layer with slip, sgrafitto decoration
60 x 50 x 39cm
photo by Stuart Marlin

Nadia Aurish Suburbia series 2017
ceramic installation
size variable
$2200.00 ($80.00 each)

Lydia Miller Magenta 2018 oil on canvas 76 x76cm $900.00

Julia Flanagan
Forgotten about 2017
acrylic on glass

Julia Flanagan
Backwards thinking 2017
acrylic on glass

Maddyson Hatton
Cuba 2016
terracotta, slip, rise print
26 x 15 x 15cm

Maddyson Hatton
Arch 2016
terracotta, slip
7 x 18 x 3cm


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