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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2018 Exhibitions

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THURS 26 JUL - SUN 12 AUG 2018

Official opening: Saturday 28 July, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Exhibiting artists: Andrew Shillam, Judy Hill, Belinda Street, Frank Murri, Justin Lees, Ainslie Ivin-Smith. 

Ainslie Ivin-Smith Sunday 29 July 11am - 2pm
Justin Lees Friday 3 August 12-1pm
Frank Murri Saturday 4 August 1 - 4pm
Belinda Street Sunday 5 August 11am - 2pm
Judy Hill Thursday 9 August 11am - 4pm

Belinda Street Ganguddy Reflections 2018 oil on canvas 80 x 100cm $2500.00
Belinda Street Ganguddy Depths 2018 oil on canvas 80 x 100cm $2500.00

Belinda Street In the Shadows 2018 oil on canvas 60 x 80cm $1990.00
Belinda Street Pagoda Shadows 2018 oil on canvas 60 x 80cm $1990.00

Ganguddy, or Dunns Swamp, is near Rylstone on the western edge of Wollemi National Park. Wollemi National Park is the second largest national park in NSW, after Kosciuszko National Park, and is part of the Greater Blue Mountains Wilderness Area.
Despite its name, it isn't a swamp at all. It is a beautiful, serene waterway on the Cudgegong River. It would have been more swamp-like when it was named, before Kandos Weir was built between 1925 and 1932.
At that time the river was dammed to provide water for the nearby Kandos Cement works.
With its glass-like reflective waters and steep rock escarpments, the "swamp" is more of a peaceful wilderness area. The dam has extensive reed beds on the sides and is bordered by sheer sandstone cliffs, pagoda rock formations, woodlands of eucalypts, angophoras and native cypress pines. 
The area has a long Wiradjuri history. Its indigenous name is Ganguddy, which means "good place" and it was once a birthing area for Aboriginal women.
The “darkness” of these paintings is 2 fold – the shadows cast by the rock formations, and the tragic killing of the Indigenous people who lived in the area. 
By abstracting the landscape it allows me to expressively blend both the visual characteristics of place with personal feelings, experience and knowledge. So that each painting has it’s own life and individuality– to capture a sense of place which is personal, but also speaks to the viewer. 
- Belinda Street 2018 

above: Frank Murri $725.00 each ($2000.00 x 3)
The Prime Ingredient in a Big Piece of Pi (π) - Panel # 41 (11,681 - 11,985) 2017, 94 x 58cm
The Prime Ingredient in a Big Piece of Pi (π) - Panel # 42 (11,986 - 12,287) 2017, 94 x 58cm
The Prime Ingredient in a Big Piece of Pi (π) - Panel # 43 (12,288 - 12,586) 2017, 94 x 58cm

The nature of my art practice consists of wall-hung, timber relief sculptural panels. These pieces are created by incorporating mathematical formulas, theorems & sequences. This art form I’ve developed advocates pure abstraction in an attempt to synthesize a design aesthetic.

In The Prime Ingredient in a Big Piece of Pi (π),Panel # 41 (11,681 – 11,985 digits); Panel # 42 (11,986 – 12,287); & Panel # 43 (12,288 – 12,586),I have encoded and carved the panels with 906 digits of the Pi number (which represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter). Within this sequence, I have highlighted (with the Prime colours), the first four single digit Prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7) contained within them, in an exploration of the aesthetic in Number Theory. 

By looking into the realm of pure mathematics, there lies within a beauty which transcends its usual form. 

A quote comes to mind which encapsulates this synergy between mathematics and art:

Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.” Bertrand Russell, philosopher and mathematician

The pieces I’ve created are formulated to capture this beauty.

- Frank Murri 2018 

above: Ainsle Ivin-Smith
25-5-18 2018acrylic on board , dimensions are 92 x 122 cm $450.00
24-4-18 2018 acrylic on board, dimensions are 61 x 92 cm $900.00

above: Judy Hill
Direction 2018 oil on canvas 45 x 45cm $260.00
Turning Point 2018 oil on canvas 45 x 45cm $260.00
Deviation 2018 oil on canvas 45 x 45cm $260.00
Indicator 2018 oil on canvas 45 x 45cm $260.00

Andrew Shillam Abstract Construction 2018 stained recycled wood. 38.5 x 14 x 12cm $700.00 (SOLD)
Andrew Shillam Vertical Construction2018 stained wood 84 x 23 x 18cm $1800.00
Andrew Shillam Wood Construction2018 recycled and stained wood 23 x 27 x 19cm $670.00

Andrew Shillam
Composition II 2018 recycled wood, stained and waxed 13.5 x 14.5 x 11cm $470.00
Small Abstract 2018 recycled wood, stained and waxed 7.3 x 9 x 6.5cm $150.00 (SOLD)

Justin Lees  Repeater 2018 mixed media on canvas 122 x 91cm $1400.00


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