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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2018 BLOG

We're on the move in 2019

Gallery 139

Gallery 139 is on the move in 2019.

Next year we have decided focus our attentions on getting our Newcastle artists to Sydney while also supporting new and emerging artists in Newcastle through a number of planned pop-up exhibitions to be held in the Newcastle Art Space gallery in Tighes Hill.

This means we have decided to close the doors on our Hamilton location which has served us so well for the past since February 2015. It has been an extremely hard decision to come to and one we have not made lightly. However, we know this is the right decision for us, the gallery and all the artists that have exhibited and we hope will continue to exhibit with us in the future.

Follow our social media regular updates and check back here to our website for detailed information about planned exhibitions and events.

~ Ahn August 2018

A yarn with myself

Gallery 139

Yarning 4 and 5 by John Heaney, May 2018

Yarning 4 and 5 by John Heaney, May 2018

Now that May has arrived and as I lie here awake at 2.30am on Monday morning 14 May contemplating what 2018 has already achieved, and debating the future. I remind myself that Gallery 139 is only 3.4 years old and I've never run business and that 'everyone' in business tells me it takes at least 5 years to start seeing the business grow. Even using the word business has been a hurdle to overcome. With the idea I will be able to run a commercially successful art gallery while still presenting exhibitions that continue to fulfil the why I started the gallery in the first place has been a challenge.  

And every time, I think I'm going to give up I'll find myself thinking and organising a new exhibition or doing something that reminds me, I am actually doing what I love and I am spending my time exactly where I want to be. Yes, I have my moments where I just wonder am I really doing the right thing, should I just be making my own art and why am I working so hard for everybody else and why am I not making a living from this. Then I remember that the bank balance is going in the right direction. I know I'm lucky to have family support, support from friends and artists who continue to visit, exhibit and more often than not purchase works from the gallery. All these things provide not only the cold hard cash I need to pay the rent but also provide the much needed moral support and encouragement that simply cannot be bought. 

So with these thoughts running around in my mind, May is in full swing and with it, this small business owner is ready for the challenges that lie ahead for the rest of 2018 and beyond. 

~ Ahn May 2018