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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

The Artist as Mentor

2016 Exhibitions

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The Artist as Mentor

Braddon Snape  Two Act Performance in Orange 2015  Air formed welded steel and epoxy paint in "The Artist as Mentor" exhibition

Braddon Snape Two Act Performance in Orange 2015 Air formed welded steel and epoxy paint in "The Artist as Mentor" exhibition

WED 31 AUG - SAT 17 SEP 2016

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 2 September, 6-8pm 

In keeping with the tradition of the master and the apprentice, The Artist as Mentor exhibition looks at the unofficial mentorship that has developed between 3 Newcastle artists and 3 of their students. 

Braddon Snape/Jo Lynch
Clare Weeks/Maisie Neale
Peter Lankas/Dane Tobias

FREE ARTIST TALK with Peter Lankas on
Saturday 17 September 2pm

Innovative relationships at Gallery 139
by Jim Kellar | 2 Sept 2016 |


Two Act Performance in Orange 2015  Air formed welded steel and epoxy paint by Braddon Snape

Two Act Performance in Orange 2015
Air formed welded steel and epoxy paint by Braddon Snape

Braddon Snape is an artist and educator at TAFE NSW and the University of Newcastle. He has earned a reputation for his monumental scale public artworks in a diverse practice that has spanned more than twenty years. However, most recently he has been interrogating pure materiality whilst discovering the possibilities of a remarkable new and performative method of inflating steel.


Braddon about Jo “I first encountered Jo when I was working with TAFE students to deliver a collection of Public Artworks for the Honeysuckle foreshore. She had only just turned 17 I think but demonstrated a voracious appetite for knowledge and a desire to grasp as much an understanding of the Contemporary Art landscape as possible. All the while developing a sophisticated aesthetic and sense of materiality - remarkable for one so young. Since that initial encounter I have had the pleasure of mentoring Jo at University where I have witnessed the continuation of her remarkable trajectory. Jo’s development is in hyperdrive and it is difficult to keep up although it is most enjoyable to witness her shoot past me in the fast lane.”

Jo Lynch
The remediation and morphing of language as it adapts to contemporary contexts fuels Jo’s practice. Her cross-disciplinary work takes text, voice, image, objects and spaces as instances communicable exchange to be combined, opposed, and interrogated. For The Artist as Mentor exhibition, the idea of sculpture has been peeled back and supplanted by a performative interaction with material. A process of collaboration between maker and matter have been undertaken to present the co-extensive nature of making. 

Jo Lynch    Improvised, collaborative negotiations, 1-147    2016    Installation (detail)

Jo Lynch
Improvised, collaborative negotiations, 1-147
Installation (detail)


Installation view 

Installation view 

Clare Weeks is a Photomedia artist and is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Art) Postgraduate Degree at the University of Newcastle. Since 2008, Clare has been employed as a Photomedia Teacher at the Newcastle Art School TAFE and for the past 2 years has been Maisie Neale’s Photomedia teacher. Maisie has managed to annoy her way into Clare’s heart.

Both artists draw from similar aesthetics in their work but from different worlds of life experience. Their works in this exhibition is an artistic collaboration between two like-minded individuals who inspire each other to push themselves and to explore new ways of individual expression.

Maisie Neale is an artist and has been a student at the Newcastle Art School since 2013. Her practice encompasses the mediums of photography, video and sculpture which often interconnect throughout her work. She has exhibited in several local exhibitions throughout her studies.

Working within the themes of the human form and nature, I attempt to explore the familiar in an out of context and provocatively appealing way. By transforming the everyday object, the works aim to test the viewer’s notion of attraction and repulsion.


Install view 

Install view 

Peter Lankas is fascinated with the everyday, specifically suburbia, exploring the formal visual feasts and subtle narratives on offer inside the ordinary. His painting practice extends from the studio to the outdoors, exploring the ‘en plein air’ tradition of painting out in the landscape. This direct approach to painting has led him to adopt the ‘alla prima technique’ in the studio, mostly completing paintings in one session, which enhances the concept of capturing a brief moment in time.

Peter received his Diploma in Visual Art from Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney in 1980 and a Masters in Fine Art (painting) from the University of Newcastle. Peter has been a passionate dedicated teacher of painting and drawing for almost 20 years. His beginnings in Newcastle were at the Ron Hatree Art School and he has continued Ron Hartree's tradition, teaching life drawing classes for the past 15 years. Peter currently teaches at Newcastle Art School, Hunter TAFE and private classes at Newcastle Community Arts Centre. 

Peter about Dane 
I met Dane Tobias through Susan Porteous, in 2010. Susan was working in the art room at ConnectAbility, where Dane was a class participant. She told me she had come across a young man who had an amazing drawing talent. When she delved into Dane's skills and interests, it became clear that he was passionate about real estate, his bus journeys through the suburbs and google maps. He had a keen eye for design and an intuitive colour sense and spent time investigating ‘Home Beautiful’ magazines. She introduced him to Howard Arkley and Dane was excited to find someone who also had a passionate eye for detail in the suburban landscape. Dane has a photographic memory and recalled the places he had stayed in, visited or saw on his bus rides and started painting a series on suburbia.

That is where I came in, as Susan thought it may be good for Dane to work with an artist that also had a keen interest in suburban/domestic imagery and Dane started to attend my art class and continued his association with Susan at ConnectAbility, where she continues to be pivotal in Dane’s development and his interest in Art History. Dane has always been very independent and resilient in his artistic development, always doing his own work and developing his concepts, with me and Susan acting as beacons to point him to artists, genres and techniques that would help develop his working methods and contextualise his visions. Dane has reached an independence with his work doing his own library research and formulating his ideas with a strength of conviction of how he wants things to be.

*ConnectAbility Australia is a not for profit incorporated association that provides a broad range of personalised supports to people who identify as living with disabilities.

Dane Tobias  The Rankin Park Teenage Retreat  2016 oil on canvas 35 x 40cm 

Dane Tobias The Rankin Park Teenage Retreat 2016 oil on canvas 35 x 40cm 

Dane Tobias 
Since 2013 I have been mentored by Peter Lankas, which has significantly developed my artistic skills and increased my confidence and independence as an artist and as a person. It has helped me to embrace the various aspects of the art process, including finishing my artworks to a high standard, assisting in the hanging and installation of exhibitions whether they are my own solo efforts (of which I have had three since 2013), or group exhibitions involving multiple artists. I now also give interesting titles to my artworks, and I have developed a pricing policy for exhibitions. My three solo exhibitions have received positive recognition from the local arts community, which has been very valuable to my profile as an artist.

My works are strongly influenced by the vast diversity and culture of the man-made suburban environment, which are similar to the works produced by my mentor. 

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