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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

Allsorts: Peter Lankas

2016 Exhibitions

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Allsorts: Peter Lankas

Glimpse 2016 oil on board 25cm x 31cm

Glimpse 2016 oil on board 25cm x 31cm

WED 2 NOV - SAT 20 NOV 2016


OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 5 November, 2-4pm

MEET THE ARTIST in the gallery every Thursday between 2-4pm

The first solo exhibition in the gallery by Gallery 139 Artist Peter Lankas.

Peter's unique and often humorous take on the everyday is what sets his work apart from other artists who paint the Australian suburban landscape. His works skate close to poking fun at the everyday but instead somehow wrap a hug around the people and the familiar. 

The last five years I have been preoccupied with experimentation and research in painting without the use of chemicals or solvents as was originally done in the early development of oil painting during the Renaissance. This led me to exclusively make all my own paint and not rely on any industrially or commercially made paints or mediums. All paints, mediums, glazes and natural varnishes are produced in the studio, where I have been the happiest I remember, fully in charge of the alchemy of painting. Like a chef or sometimes a mad scientist the process has been one of total absorption and joy.
~ Peter Lankas

Small wonders by Jill Stowell

PETER Lankas must be one of Newcastle’s busiest and most visible painters. But the large number of small paintings at Gallery 139 until November 19 is his first solo show for many years. 

He has long made complex images, with perhaps even more complex messages, from the built environment, a lively and invariably interesting subject. Service stations, shopping centres and back yards appear here, but a wall of works relate to plein air sessions on the beach, moody and romantic. 

He is one of the artists threatened with losing a studio at NCAC, where he is also a dedicated teacher and strong advocate for his rediscovery of pre-industrial paints and painting mediums. 

Will he next move towards abstraction? Or will working more closely with the figure prove a new passion? His many coming exhibitions will tell.

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