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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

Worn OUT

Gallery 139

installation view of Sculptured OUT

installation view of Sculptured OUT

This new exhibition could easily have been called Worn OUT, rather than Sculptured OUT.

Not only does it describe the physical traits of each artist work in this exhibition, but it also perfectly describes the pains an artist can go through to produce a significant body of work, as can be seen by all seven artists in this exhibition.  These artists' surfaces, all of which have a used/worn/touched appearance about them, that is either a by-product of the process of making such as in Alison Smith's woodcuts, where the woodgrain print leaves a beautiful textured colour. Or on purpose such as Flynn Doran's piece "Gentrification Model" where he has intentionally rusted the steel over several weeks.  This link is a happy co-incidence and a lovely one at that. 

That's the beauty of putting an exhibition together the way I have chosen to do so, so far here at Gallery 139.  I have been asking artists to be involved in exhibitions, only based on previous work I have seen.  I am fortunate enough that I have been living and working in Newcastle for over 15 years in the arts that I have seen a lot of work and artists come and go.  And the greatest thing of all, is that there is still new and fresh work being produced by both the seasoned Newcastle artists as well as recent graduates and more established artists who now call Newcastle home.

It's an exciting time for art in Newcastle and I'm so glad to be apart of it.

~ Ahn Wells