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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

Gallery 139 at The Depot Gallery

Gallery 139

Installation view from the front door

Installation view from the front door

It's the 2nd and final week of the exhibition at The Depot Gallery, Waterloo and it's been a really rewarding experience, full of lessons and acknowledgements of what worked and what can be done better next time. I have really enjoyed gallery sitting and talking with visitors and those who have little knowledge of the small Newcastle independent arts scene. And it's rewarding to see that the works made in Newcastle easily sit within this Sydney art complex and I'm really proud of my artists (as dorky as that sounds). They have all taken risks with their works, in scale, subject matter and narrative. And it's been a real pleasure to curate, to have the freedom to place the works where I feel best work within this beautiful gallery space. All 3 artists had input into sequence of their works and it is nice to be able to bounce ideas off the other artists. This is what I love about owning a gallery of my own, is being able to final say, where the decisions end with me. There are no mistakes, no rights and no wrongs and I hope that I can continue to bring Newcastle artists to Sydney in the future. 

Gallery 139 presents CONSALVO LANKAS MAHER ends on Saturday 4 June at 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, we are here in the gallery Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm or call 0434 886 450. 

~ Ahn Wells June 2016

Gallery Director, Ahn giving the opening speech at The Depot Gallery, Sat 28 May

Gallery Director, Ahn giving the opening speech at The Depot Gallery, Sat 28 May

Introduction from catalogue
This is the first Gallery 139 presents exhibition outside of Newcastle! We hope this will be the first of many exhibitions presented by the gallery.  

All three artists, studied Fine Art in Australia during the early eighties. It was a time when the newly remodelled National Gallery of Australia in Canberra opened in 1982. The controversial purchase of Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock, a decade earlier, was finally quietening down and by 1985, the Australian landscape had been captured by John Olsen in his signature painting style resulting in a second prestigious Wynne Prize.

While these events may not have directly influenced Dino Consalvo, Paul Maher and Peter Lankas. It was during this time that all three artists were finding their place within the unique Australian cultural landscape. They learnt from teachers such as Frank Celtan, Kevin Connors and Elisabeth Cummings amongst the dirty drawing rooms of the art school and in the paint studios at night.

But it's more than influential teachers and art schools that make an artist. It's about long hours in the studio, failures in and out of the gallery space and an overall commitment to being an Artist.

As the curator of this exhibition, I've seen inside these artists' worlds. I've watched, with slight concern at Dino painting at 3am in the empty Merewether baths and been privy to the developing colours that find their way into a Lankas suburb. I've often looked at the girl behind that computer in Screen tan and thought “that could be me!” and I am still amazed by the grandeur of Paul's humble coastline. This view is so familiar to me too, yet there is always something new to discover within a Maher painting. I hope you enjoy this exhibition. All three artists exhibit regularly with Gallery 139. Both Dino and Peter have scheduled exhibitions later this year. Enjoy, and we hope to see you soon at Gallery 139.