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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

The Life of an Art Student

Gallery 139

Ahn Wells  Search  2003 installation Watt Space Gallery - The Locker Room

Ahn Wells Search 2003 installation Watt Space Gallery - The Locker Room

The life of an art student, I remember it well. And I miss it, like you do when enough time has passed and you can truly be reflective. 

In 1997, I started art school at Hunter St TAFE, now called Newcastle Art School.  Back then an Advanced Diploma was 3 years. 3 long years, 5 days a week, 9 to 5. Long days to draw, full days in the printmaking studios and in the photography darkroom. Time was on my side. 

By 2000, I went onto Uni, I applied to Newcastle University and received 2 years off a 3 year Bachelor of Fine Art degree and went straight into my final year. I loved Uni, but by then I was ready for the social aspect that comes with University life and by mid-2003 I had completed a B.Fine Art (honours). 

I exhibited all throughout my time as an art student, starting in 1998 at owner-run galleries including Gibson St Gallery and Lindsey Street Gallery and artist-run spaces including Rocketart, Intrados (later Field Contemporary Art Space), John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle Art Space and Back to Back Galleries. Unfortunately the majority of these galleries have now closed, but on the positive side new galleries have emerged such as Art Systems Wickham, Forsight Gallery, Nanshe studio gallery, Timeless Textiles Gallery, cstudios Art Gallery and Four Point Gallery to name a few that I have also exhibited in over the years. 

Newcastle is a great stomping ground for learning how to be a professional artist, you could say it's the perfect place for the life an art student. 

~ Ahn Wells