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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

The emergence of Patterns

Gallery 139

Miranda Earle

Miranda Earle

I've been here now for 21 weeks and the 8th exhibition, Pattern Observation has come to an end. It's a fitting description and after 6months in business, I'm starting to notice the patterns emerging from owning my own gallery. The ebb and flow of business, the regular visitors - human and canine, morning catch-ups with Barb in her gallery, lunch from The Lunchbox, visits to the flower-girls next-door.  

Somehow, Coco has endeared herself into the Hamilton community and she often has visitors just for her.

There is definitely something comforting that arises from patterns. The repetition, the familiarity, the sense of knowing. For me, it's every 3 weeks, I have a new exhibition to look at and I get to change the layout of the Gallery Shop. The change with in the regularity of pattern suit me perfectly and I feel finally, Gallery 139 is finding it's feet. 

~ Ahn Wells