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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

Still looking through coloured glasses

Gallery 139

Beyond COLOUR  27 Apr - 14 May 2016 ~ John Heaney (ceramics), Matthew Tome (etchings), Sieglinde Battley (painting), Lynette Bridge (painting - not in above image)

Beyond COLOUR 27 Apr - 14 May 2016 ~ John Heaney (ceramics), Matthew Tome (etchings), Sieglinde Battley (painting), Lynette Bridge (painting - not in above image)

I've past the 1 year mark and I'm still eager and excited to still be here....maybe owning my own gallery is the cure to my 'one year itch'. Every new show brings excitement and I can't wait to see what the artists have created for me.

For Beyond COLOUR all 4 artist made new work for this exhibition. I asked 2 emerging artists and 2 established artists to be involved with the idea that I could use the gallery space more freely and really showcase each artist's individual practice. I love this exhibition. All the works are imbued with each artists' ideas and personal motifs, the works are 'beyond' what they appear, they are beyond the physical painting, etching, ceramic piece and each artist has found a way to create cohesion in their works. This, I believe comes when artists are given time and freedom to create without having to think about what the work is about. I trust that when you give an artist space to just make ~ their own distinct 'visual signature' emerges. Finding the time and freedom to do this is the challenge. And it is hoped that my gallery can keep providing exhibitions for artists to feel free to just be.  

Lets meet the artists. Lynette Bridge is still part way through her University studies and John Heaney just finished his Honours majoring in ceramics. Most of us in the Newcastle art community know Matthew Tome who has been exhibiting professionally since the mid-1980. He is also the current head teacher at Newcastle Art School, Hunter St TAFE. Sielindge Battley has been exhibiting professionally in Australia since she arrived in 1978 and her works are held in important Australian collections including Artbank, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Commonwealth Law Courts to name a few. 

Both Matthew Tome and Sieglinde Battley have artist websites, just click on their names and you will be taken to their site. You can follow the emerging career of Lynette Bridges via her Instagram (search @lynnie_13) and if you'd like to know when John is exhibiting next, get in contact and I can pass on your details onto him. 

Thanks for reading, like this blog post if did and share it with your friends and if you haven't already, please come into the gallery and see this beautiful exhibition.
Beyond COLOUR ends Saturday 14 May at 2pm.

~ Ahn Wells May 2016