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Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

One Year Itch

Gallery 139

Tonight I went to a "Wonderful Woman's" dinner at a wonderful friend of friend's place.  I met a wonderful dog, Daisy and spoke to her wonderful owner, Margo.  During the conversation she mentioned that she'd never stayed longer than 7 years in the one job and I jokingly commented - argh The Seven Year Itch, and she nodded and I joked back, well I've never stayed longer than a year. 

Home now and it dawned on me, I've just started my own gallery, which in my head I plan to run forever, yet I'm 36 and I've yet to stay focused in the one job for more than just over a year.  Fair to say, I've been employed with the same company for going on 9 years now (I'm still employed as a casual) but I've also been in and out of Temp positions and never quite made it to the Perm Position.  

Awake at 4am and it's got me thinking.  What am I doing? I've poured all my savings into the set-up of Gallery 139 and I'm now running on sales and loans from Mum and Dad, because the bank isn't silly enough to back a first-time business owner, let alone someone who wants to start their own Art Gallery.

But I can't help and be quietly optimistic and excited.  I know there are people who love to buy art, not for investment, I'm not interested in the high-end commercial market. There are buyers in Newcastle who love art, good art that has been made by someone who might be an emerging talent or who is still forging an artist's career.  I'm interested in these artists the most and I'm certain their is a market for them and a need for a gallery in Newcastle with that focus.  After 3 weeks, BEGINNINGS has shown me that.  

So let's hope in 12 months time, I don't find myself itching for a change.

~ Ahn Wells