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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

More than just a gallery artist

Gallery 139

When coming to write about this exhibition, it dawned on me that it's only been 6 months ago since Flynn exhibited here in the gallery. I like to see my gallery artists' working hard, pushing their creative boundaries but still delving deeper into ideas and maintaining a strong aesthetic sense of self. And as motherly as it sounds, I'm proud that Flynn has achieved this with the exhibition. 

When I decided to open this gallery and to "represent" a small stable of artists, I really wanted to make sure that I allowed those artists the freedom to make the art they wanted to make, not just the art they thought I'd want them to make. I will be honest, as I have been with Flynn, not all of the work in this exhibition I like. But, having said that, I do love the overall exhibition. I see what Flynn is trying to achieve and I believe he can push it further and make this into his living, if he choses. He is at the start of his career which is an exciting place to be. 

I encourage you to really look at each of the works and from all angles. Look through, look up, look around and look down. Flynn has placed the works in these seemingly odd points in the gallery for a reason. He wants us to view them in an awkward, unfamiliar position. In a way, we become apart of the experience of the work, when our neck hurts from the looking up, we'll remember that view better. If we ask, why did he leave those sculptures rusty but painted these. He'll have the answer. 

In the end it doesn't matter if we know why, it only matters that we are transformed by the act of viewing and in with some sculptures the act of touching and listening. 

I encourage you to visit the exhibition. Take a seat. Spend some time with the works. This will be your only chance. 

Congratulations to Flynn who also curated his own exhibition. He has such an innate sense of space and an understanding of this gallery, that I was thankful when he didn't need my help for this hang. 

The exhibition runs until 4 June, Flynn will be in the gallery during the week from Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5pm. Come by and visit. 

Opening night, Friday 20 May 2016

Opening night, Friday 20 May 2016

~ Ahn Wells May 2016