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Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG


Gallery 139


Clare in front of the collaborative work by her and Maisie Form 2016 colour Impossible Polaroid photographs in the exhibition "The Artist as Mentor" at Gallery 139 31 August - 17 September 2016

Tell us how the works in "The Artist as Mentor" came about?
For us the idea was mostly Maisie’s. We tried a few video ideas out but then one day Maisie just turned up and said, “Kaleidescopes,” and I knew exactly what we would do. 

How did it feel working collaboratively with your student? Did you enjoy the process?
It feels very natural working with Maisie. I’ve been her teacher for almost two years now and we have always talked about her ideas. I love seeing what she’s working on and helping her with lighting and camera set-ups… and then arguing over her editing.

The audience reaction to your video performance installation has been very positive; everybody enjoys interacting with the works. Was that the intention when deciding to use a 'peep hole' as the means to view the work? 
It’s modelled on an actual kaleidoscope Maisie bought and cut up in sculpture to see how it worked. She then came up with a box design with the usual circular hole that they have. We built a test one and it worked exactly as planned. Video was always the intention to use in the rear of the kaleidoscopes particularly since ours wasn’t one that you turn yourself to create the movement and also because the moving image seems to hold the viewers attention for longer.

Where else can we see your works? Up coming exhibitions? 
Maisie will be exhibiting her Body of Work at the Newcastle Art School closer to the end of the year and I have a work in the Friends of the University Student Art Prize at the University Gallery from 14 September – 1 October. 

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~ interview Ahn Wells
Clare and Maisie exhibited in The Artist as Mentor exhibition at Gallery 139 from 31 Aug - 17 Sept 2016.