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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

Gallery of delights

Gallery 139

installation back wall: all works by Maggie Hall 

installation back wall: all works by Maggie Hall 

I love putting together exhibitions. Finding the artists to make an overall exhibition just right, where each artists' contribution to the show feeds off the next and the overall exhibition pulls together as one. Sometimes it's not easy to do but when the last work is placed and you step back and breath and see how well it's all come together, that's the reason why I do this.

Not Just Collage is full of different materials - bits of patterned paper stuck down onto other bits of paper, felt wrapped up into a cone and other collected haberdashery items joined together, a drawer used as a frame, pressed tin, old magazines, paints, coloured pencils, crayons.  And it's full of imagery - from the riding horsemen of The Strutt Sisters to the Japanese-inspired mixed media by Caelli Jo Brooker to the aged National Geographic cut-outs used by Kate Burton. There are the beautiful drypoint domestic prints by Jane Collins,  the Renassiance-inspired/salon-hung back wall of Maggie Hall's work that would normally seem unrelated but in Not Just Collage, they have found a commonality. While the personal narratives in Barbara Nanshe's collages, wonderfully complement the abstracted sculptures by Giselle Penn.  This exhibition is truly a delight for your your mind.

Not Just Collage runs until Saturday 20 February 2016.

~ Ahn Wells