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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2016 BLOG

A Change is as good as a holiday

Gallery 139

Back wall installation 

Back wall installation 

For this current exhibition, FEED THE MONSTERS OF LOVE (THE SLOW POST), I handed over my beloved gallery to the collaborative art duo ~ SODAMOLLY.  This was a first for Gallery 139 since it's opening in February 2015 and it was a liberating, if a little nerve-wracking experience. It's the first time I've let go of my control over the gallery space as I'm usually involved in every part of the exhibition process.  For this exhibition to work, I had to allow myself to step away and remove myself from any curatorial dialogue.  The result is this wonderfully different type of exhibition, that pushes the gallery's boundaries and gives audiences a contemporary insight into collaborative drawing. In a world where fast is everything, these collaborative drawings have taken months to complete via the post, with Kristian Glynn residing in Melbourne and Colleen Hoad who make up SODAMOLLY.  A commitment the artists have made to the project and to each other and one that I am happy to be able to help bring to exhibition.

As Peter Lankas said during his opening night speech "Collaboration is liberating, letting go of one's own ego. It's exciting, surprising, a learning experience. These works are clearly stamped with the heads, guts and hearts of these artists." Make sure you get in to see the exhibition before it ends on Saturday 3 December.  

The artist/s are in the gallery for the entire exhibition period. It's a great chance to meet and talk to them about the process of collaboration and about past and future projects of SODAMOLLY. 

~ Ahn Wells
December 2016