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139 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW, 2303

Gallery 139  | Art Gallery 

2018 Exhibitions

to Apr 1

Shore lines by PAUL MAHER - official opening: Saturday 17 March, 2-4pm

Shore lines | PAUL MAHER
recent works on clay and canvas

THURS 15 MAR - SAT 1 APR 2018

Official opening: Saturday 17 March, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Saturday 24 March 11am - 4pm
Sunday 25 March 11am - 2pm

Thursday 29 March 5.30pm
light refreshments served
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Paul Maher has been a Gallery Artist since the gallery's inception in 2015. This will be his 2nd solo exhibition in the gallery, having previously exhibited solo in 2015 and participated in exclusive Gallery Artist exhibitions in Sydney and University of Newcastle Gallery in 2016 and 2017. 

Shore lines references his collection of sketchbooks filled with drawings to produce a new series of painted works on clay in collaboration with Newcastle ceramicists John Cliff, Helen Dunkerely and Stephen Scrogings, Sean Nicholson. His new paintings continue to explore his immersion into suburban coastal life.

#gallery139 #gallery139artist #shorelines #paulmaher

above: ceramic tiles made with assistance from John Cliff

   The unbreakable Paul Maher   by Melinda McMillan | FEBRUARY 21 2018 - 11:01AM |

The unbreakable Paul Maher
by Melinda McMillan | FEBRUARY 21 2018 - 11:01AM |

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to Apr 8

Tell me a story - official opening: Saturday 7 April 2-4pm

Tell me a story

group exhibition to coincide with Newcastle Writers Festival 2018

FRI 6 APR - SUN 8 APR 2018

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 7 April 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 
MEET THE ARTISTS: Sunday 8 April 11.30am 

An exhibition about the comforts of storytelling and the influence reading stories has on our lives. 

Exhibiting artists: Laura Wilson, Graham Wilson, Susan Ryman, Jane Blackall, Peter Read, Ahn Wells, Barbara Nanshe.

 Ahn Wells  Memoir 1 2017  tracing paper cotton 150x150cm

Ahn Wells Memoir 1 2017 tracing paper cotton 150x150cm

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to Apr 29

What Remains - official opening: Saturday 14 April, 2-4pm

 Clare Hodgins  Fig.57  2018 photograph on cotton rag 26 x 20cm 

Clare Hodgins Fig.57 2018 photograph on cotton rag 26 x 20cm 

What Remains

THURS 12 APR - SUN 29 APR 2018

Official opening: Saturday 14 April, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Exhibiting artists: Jo Shand, Niomi Sands, Clare Hodgins, Gina McDonald, Peter Read, Shelagh Lummis, Dino Consalvo. 

Each artist individually explores what the idea of "What Remains" means to them. 

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to Jul 1

The Great Outdoors - official opening: Saturday 16 June, 2-4pm

 Malcolm Sands  Wollemi Landform Rylstone  2017 oil on canvas 60 x 80cm

Malcolm Sands Wollemi Landform Rylstone 2017 oil on canvas 60 x 80cm

The Great Outdoors

THURS 14 JUN - SUN 1 JUL 2018

Official opening: Saturday 16 June, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Exhibiting artists: Linda Greedy, Michelle Tear, Sally Reynolds, Malcolm Sands, James Murphy, Catherine Tempest, Jane Richens. 


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to Dec 23

SATURATION by Newcastle Printmakers Workshop


THURS 13 DEC - SUN 23 DEC 2018

Official opening: Saturday 15 December, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Selected members of the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc (NPW) exhibit in this group curated exhibition. 

This exhibition will include an organised ROAMING ART TOUR to the workshop for members of the public. Cost: $35 per person. Day/Time TBC

Follow NPW

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to Mar 11

Mindscapes by LYDIA MILLER - official opening: Saturday 3 March, 2-4pm

Mindscapes | LYDIA MILLER

THURS 1 MAR - SUN 11 MAR 2018

Official opening: Saturday 3 March, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

Saturday 10 March 11.30am with sparkling wine and cheese/biscuits

In Mindscapes, Lydia explores the feelings and memories of places. Abstract representations of coastal lands visited by the artist become the subject matter for this exhibition. 

Lydia Miller is a painter. She moves effortlessly between the genres Still Life, Abstraction, Landscape and Portrait painting. This will be her first solo exhibition at Gallery 139, having previously exhibiting with the gallery in group exhibitions since 2016. She has exhibited extensively in Sydney and overseas before moving to Newcastle several years ago. 

#gallery139 #mindscapes #lydiamiller

Coastal Rocks I and II 2018 oil on canvas 50 x 50cm $480.00 each

arrow to the right >> oil on canvas 76 x 76cm $900.00each

  Lydia Miller in her home studio in Mayfield photo by Newcastle Star 

 Lydia Miller in her home studio in Mayfield photo by Newcastle Star 

Abstract brushstrokes

by Melinda McMillan | JANUARY 18 2018 - 8:45AM |

FOR artist Lydia Miller painting is all about colour. 

Miller was born in the Ukraine and spent her early childhood in post-war Germany. She immigrated to Australia in the 1950s. 

In childhood she “vividly remembers most of her early years by herself, drawing on scraps of paper, book covers and walls with whatever she could get her hands on”.

The abstract expressionist painters are a major influence in Miller’s work. 

“German expressionists I like. I have an affinity for that,” Miller said.  

“I think it’s the colour, the use of colour and emotional, gestural.
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Newcastle Herald Saturday 27 January 2018 

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to Feb 25

Body BITS gallery curated group exhibition


THURS 8 FEB - SUN 25 FEB 2018

Official opening: Saturday 10 February, 2-4pm
Beer kindly sponsored by @murraysbrewing 

An exhibition exploring the bits of the human body.

Exhibiting artists: Clare Weeks, Kristian Glynn, Lisa Kirkpatrick, Nadia Aurisch, Susan Ryman, Toni Amidy, Tim Messiter, Hannah Brien (@noods_creative).

Tim Messiter Sunday 11 February 12-2pm
Toni Amidy Thursday 15 February 11am - 2pm
Lisa Kirkpatrick Thursday 15 February 2-4pm
Susan Ryman Saturday 17 February 2-4pm

#gallery139 #bodybits

Toni Amidy just back back 2016 mixed media 53 x 68cm framed
Toni Amidy steppin' out 2016 mixed media 53 x 68cm framed
Toni Amidy waiting to happen 2016 mixed media 53 x 68cm framed

Tim Messiter The body with black and white strips 2017 acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm
Tim Messiter The body with red rose 2017 acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm
Tim Messiter The bodies 2018 acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm

 Kristian Glynn

Kristian Glynn

 Hannah Brien (@noods_creative)

Hannah Brien (@noods_creative)

 Susan Ryman  Stitched together  2017 coloured pencil on rag paper varnished 15 x 10cm (image size)

Susan Ryman Stitched together 2017 coloured pencil on rag paper varnished 15 x 10cm (image size)

 Clare Weeks  red (nest) 2017  digital photography

Clare Weeks red (nest) 2017 digital photography

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to Feb 6


 Odea in the gallery 

Odea in the gallery 


SAT 13 JAN - SUN 4 FEB 2018


Official opening: Saturday 13 January, 2-4pm- Gallery 139

All things doggie are being celebrated in this second fundraising dog exhibition to be held in Gallery 139.

Exhibiting artists: Hide Kobayashi, Jayner Carter, Peter Lankas, Susan Ryman, Julie Batts, Helene Ruma, Gaye Shields, Rowena Beale, Kathie Sarginson, Jane Robinson, Nicola Bolton, Janelle Goldman, Hello HOLT, Felicity Howard, Joerg Lehmann, Jo Shand, Ashleigh Price, Linda Parkinson, Vanessa Turton, Danny Sky, Ahn Wells, Peter Read, Ron Pickerton, Sally Reynolds, Jane Hosking, Barbara Nanshe, Erika Sorby, Rose McAllister, Leeroy Chapman, Andrew Finnie, Michele Heibel, Chloe Avery, Linda Greedy, Catherine Kavanagh Di Gravio, Madekeine Boyd, Shahrzad Groenhout, Janet Graham, Varelle Hardy, Zoe Tjanavaras, Kara Wood. 

#gallery139 #thedoggieshow

Including guessing competition: $3 per entry / enter as many times as you like
Prize: Papercut Pet Portrait by Jane Blackall @pencilpenpaperppp
Prize: Dog embroidery artwork by Jane Robinson
Prize: Hunter Animal Watch Inc. dog pack 

10% of sales from this exhibition will be donated to Hunter Animal Watch Inc
Beaumont St, Hamilton. 

WE RAISED $391.00 which was donated to Hunter Animal Watch on 8 February 2018.

YOU CAN'T CATCH ME signed books available in the gallery during this exhibition. $25.00

The sun is up, it’s a brand new day.
Time to go outside and play ... 
This delightful, rhythmic story is full of fun and energy.
Two dogs spend their day chasing Blackbird while she darts from tree to tree collecting mulberries for her babies three.
Will they catch her?

10% of book sales are going to Hunter Animal Watch Inc.

The Doggie Show opens at Gallery 139 on Saturday

by Damon Cronshaw | | JANUARY 8 2018 - 10:00AM

Every dog has its day – even as a subject in an artwork.
This is what came to mind when we heard about an exhibition to be held at Gallery 139 at Hamilton, titled The Doggie Show. Gallery 139 owner Ahn Wells decided to host an exhibition on dogs because “it’s my favourite kind of animal”. Ahn has two dogs – Coco (a chihuahua and Jack Russell cross) and Odea (a miniature fox terrier). 

“They are both very special to me. They keep me grounded and, if I’m feeling a bit yuck, they help to cheer me up with their antics and affection,” she said.

She brings Coco into the gallery most days, which often attracts people. “She is friendly and people just want to say 'hello',” she said. Ahn said that dogs break down boundaries and “help start conversations between strangers”. “You just need to go to a dog park to see the positive effect they have on people, both physical and mental,” she said. “Dogs seem to be content with their place in the world. They remind me not to worry about stupid things and to just enjoy now.” 

 Peter Lankas  Tropics walk  2017 ipad drawing, archival inkjet print, edition of 10 42 x 52cm

Peter Lankas Tropics walk 2017 ipad drawing, archival inkjet print, edition of 10
42 x 52cm

Newcastle artist Peter Lankas has an artwork in the exhibition, titled “Tropics walk”. The image shows himself on a shopping trip, walking his father’s chihuahua, which he described as “a very clever, loveable dog”. 

“I’m really a cat person, so I see myself as an uncle to dogs,” he said. “Dogs are a bit more like children. They require a lot of care and attention. Cats look after themselves.  "I guess dogs or pets, in general, are great company and allow us to interact on another level to human interaction.” He said pets can be “great levellers”, adding that they brought playfulness, love and joy to a sometimes mundane existence.

“Dogs have been documented in the arts for centuries – they are a part of our existence,” he said. “A show such as this gives artists a chance to explore another side of themselves.”

The gallery is dog-friendly. 

The exhibition opens at the gallery on Saturday 13 January from 2pm  to 4pm. 

Ten per cent of sales will be donated to Hunter Animal Watch.

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